24/7 Technical Support

DirectPointe® Services provides 24/7 monitoring and functional support of critical systems. Using industry-leading software, we can monitor key layers of the technology stack. Subsequently providing alerts to center staff when critical thresholds are noted to facilitate proactive resolution.

Our Service Center is staffed 24/7 with front-line experts. Armed with the latest monitoring tools and well-established Standard Operating Procedures for issue escalation and resolution.

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Monitored Parameters

We are able to monitor and track key network parameters. Such as, network latency and packet loss – identifying the source of congestion in the Internet or private network.

Additionally, DirectPointe® Services monitors specific application level activities through the use of operating system, database and application-specific knowledge modules specific to each application. Allowing the monitoring of key application processes and parameters and the proactive detection and resolution of issues, often before the client is aware of them. All issues are logged in a central repository to facilitate analysis of trends and the development of knowledge modules to detect and resolve them automatically.

  • Application Monitoring (application, database, operating system, Web server, network)
  • Disk Space Utilization
  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Swap Space Utilization
  • File System Percentage Used
  • HTTP Availability

Get 24/7 Technical Support

Receive support from multiple avenues with DirectPointe® Solutions. Help Desk Demand Management offers a path for logging in problem or planned change requests or tracking issues to resolution. For our existing customers, call Client Services at 877-704-3224.