About DirectPointe 7

DirectPointe 7, Inc. was founded by James Martinos in May 2019 with the purpose of providing Enterprise level technical support services enjoyed by Fortune 500 Companies for years…And to do this at an affordable price.

DirectPointe 7 brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in advanced technical support services, systems management, and architecture design.

Our goal is to provide high quality services that help our customers save money, make money and give them a competitive advantage through the use of technology. At DirectPointe 7, we know that price will get you in the door but only high-quality services and support will keep you there.

We understand that we/you get a higher quality of service if we hire the right behaviors first, then teach them our processes. From our approach, a disciplined service delivery model provides predictable results. From this approach, you can expect a disciplined technology provider.

Unlike others in this industry, we utilize ALL U.S. Based Resources in delivering our services. We apply a combination of remote support with proactive preventative maintenance, monitoring services and award-winning integrated software solutions that provide real results.

Give DirectPointe 7 a try and see how we can help you focus on your core business while leveraging technology to grow. Enjoy trusted advice from those who don’t need to experiment to get IT right the first time.

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Receive support from multiple avenues with DirectPointe® Solutions. Help Desk Demand Management offers a path for logging in problem or planned change requests or tracking issues to resolution. For our existing customers, call Client Services at 877-874-2224.