Database Management & Design

Data management challenges, such as controlling data growth, improving application testing, and protecting data privacy are major areas of concern. The amount of data companies capture has increased significantly over the past few years – and it is becoming more and more difficult for organizations to figure out how to manage this growth. Ever-present requirements to keep business applications running at top performance means that companies must improve their capability to manage data in an integrated way.

Data Management: Strategies to Increase Business Effectiveness

Managing Business Data Growth

Managing business data growth is required to ensure that critical business systems remain effective as the business grows. Organizations must ensure that their systems can handle the growth, ensure performance, and at the same time retain the highest possible quality. This requires optimization for performance, acceleration of solution deliveries and ensuring data integrity and quality. Laws and regulations that add retention and data privacy requirements only exacerbate the problem.

Overall IT costs keep rising – businesses must continue to simplify infrastructures and reduce overhead, cost and complexity. Strategies, which include storage compression means that businesses can drastically reduce the amount of disk space needed and can, help reduce power consumption needs. Mergers and acquisitions certainly haven’t helped organizations achieve simplification. Many IT departments have redundant systems, business processes and technologies. They capture data from multiple sources and need to gain control over their infrastructures in order to leverage data for business intelligence. Application consolidation and retirement will help your company respond to growing demands and business.

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  • Manage Data from Requirements to Retirement
  • Integrate and Transform Data
  • Lower Database Costs
  • Manage Master Data Domains
  • Control Data Growth

Data Management Strategies

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