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Advantages are created when firms engage in specific activities that increase their probabilities for success. The DirectPointe® Advantage is a strategic approach that combines lower IT expenses with an increased focus on profit centric activities.

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Single Point of Contact

One of the greatest benefits of working with DirectPointe 7, is that you can eliminate the distraction of juggling multiple vendors. Centralizing the various aspects of your computing environment lowers costs (including total cost of ownership) and reduces the inefficiencies of working with multiple vendors.

Predictable IT Budgeting

DirectPointe 7 allows you to consolidate your IT costs into one manageable payment each month.

Increased Productivity

By removing the interference of handling computer problems, Employees can turn their attention to activities that benefit your business most. These activities can be further enhanced through more efficient workflows, process mapping, and targeted application integration.

Increased Reliability and Consistency

Down time and computing errors can be costly. Extensive testing enables DirectPointe 7 to offer standardized solutions that will ensure fewer conflicts and better manageability.

Reduced Technology Maintenance

Proper maintenance, performed in consistent intervals, can prevent problems from occurring. By implementing standards based solutions we can further eliminate the mixture of disparate equipment to track and maintain.

Improved Asset Tracking

Gaining visibility into the location and uses of equipment helps us to reduce replacement cost and duplicate purchases. Our asset management system tracks all IT equipment and software within your environment.

Get Desktop/Laptop Security

DirectPoint® Solutions offers a smarter, business-driven approach to security compliance that helps you achieve your desired security posture to meet business and regulatory requirements.