Dashboard Services

Dashboards are designed to provide the visibility necessary to drive better IT planning, increase productivity and deliver the insight to effectively respond to changing business conditions. They can help to establish metrics that demonstrate the business value of IT, enable you to monitor the utilization and effectiveness of your IT investments, and bring a business focus to the delivery of IT services.

In today’s competitive environment a company’s success depends on its ability to understand, leverage and integrate business and IT skills, processes and capabilities in the service of corporate strategies and operations.

Your IT department needs to collect, monitor and act on information regarding the use and performance of IT assets and services and communicate that information to the pertinent executives and managers across your enterprise as well as to the other members of your IT delivery organization and partners. DirectPointe 7 can help guide you through this process in addition to helping your leadership team to:

  • Understand how IT resources are used to support business users and actionable business processes
  • Create formalized, effective and standardized metrics regarding technology, process and IT business performance
  • Hold internal and external service providers to a clear set of IT performance standards
  • Identify the measures and metrics that your organization could or should change
  • Have an operational framework for cascading and communicating these measures, metrics and implied priorities throughout the IT service management organization in order to standardize and give essence to the delivery of IT service operations and processes
  • Increase application and infrastructure flexibility to support dynamic business objectives
  • Maximize IT efficiency and business value by bringing a business focus to the delivery and real-time operation of IT services.

DirectPointe® Solutions can help you assess, design, implement and run effective dashboards that will allow you to monitor IT activities and performance so you can ensure that they link directly to IT service operations and processes to support your business objectives. DirectPointe® Solutions assesses the maturity of your existing IT service organization and processes, identifies the optimum set of entry-level dashboard capabilities and then presents transformation options that can help you achieve higher levels of IT business value.

DirectPointe® Solutions Dashboards can help provide you with the

  • Visibility to help you align IT investments with business priorities and requirements
  • Ability to increase business process automation to drive effectiveness
  • Capability to recognize the risks and potential for various levels and points of failure
  • Facility to create a management discipline to control these risks
  • Availability of real-time business impact information to enable you to apply a business focus to the delivery of IT services and enhance the business perception of the IT function.

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