Hardware Lifecycle Management

DirectPointe® Hardware Asset Management for IT is a comprehensive solution that combines asset purchasing, inventory, financial, maintenance and contract management into one flexible interface. It tracks and manages the complete lifecycle of your IT assets and provides workflows to manage the processes for control, audit and reconciliation of authorized versus deployed assets.

  • Prioritizing and organizing contract management activity through alerts and workflow.
  • Reducing the costs of purchase orders by streamlining the IT asset procurement process.
  • Avoiding unnecessary purchases through accurate inventory management.
  • Enabling efficient financial control of hardware assets by reconciling what’s been purchased, received, deployed and invoiced.
  • Identifying and removing older IT assets that are costly to maintain.

Comprehensive Solution

Our comprehensive solutions help manage hardware assets.

Monitor Hardware Assets

DirectPointe® can provide the tools you need to discover, analyze, plan, execute and monitor all your hardware assets.

  • A flexible, easy-to-configure, Web-architected solution – leading, standards-based technology – featuring advanced business process management.
  • An easy-to-upgrade asset management system that keeps configurations of the asset management application intact.
  • Closed-loop automation across business silos.
  • A configurable user interface, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, ability to create new applications and more.
  • Discovery of assets across the enterprise.
  • A holistic view of interdependencies between applications, computer systems and network devices.
  • Time-tested processes and tools for assurance of reliable results and practical service management design.
  • Intellectual capital and proven templates and examples to help speed project execution.
  • A wealth of experience designing and implementing asset management systems.
  • Predictable and reliable project management-driven results so you can get it right the first time.
  • Deep experience managing a global, heterogeneous, multisource infrastructure with both large and small data centers.

Business & Consulting Services

DirectPointe® draws on a broad range of capabilities and a comprehensive portfolio of business and IT consulting services. We deliver services for installation, personalization and testing, documentation and training for key personnel.

Meet Service Goals

DirectPointe® Hardware Asset Management solution offers a complete, integrated way to achieve cost controls and meet service goals – based on industry best practices. It maximizes the performance and lifetime value of complex assets and closely aligns them with your overall business strategy.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership through efficient, system-wide discovery and management processes.
  • Enhance service delivery by standardizing hardware management processes.
  • Increase the efficiency of change management and the effectiveness of planning.
  • Help meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Advantages are created when firms engage in specific activities that increase their probabilities for success. The DirectPointe® Advantage™ is a strategic approach that combines lower IT expenses with an increased focus on profit centric activities.