Project Management

Effectively craft process management solutions that ensure repeatable, enforceable, and predictable processes extended to your human, software, and IT systems.

Management Solutions

Application Development

Reuse objects, methods, and processes to speed application development, to streamline project startup, and to build confidence in estimating consistency, which in turn helps you deliver high-quality performance more rapidly.

Build better solutions with a complete lean development environment for teams, which includes agile, formal and hybrid planning and reporting, all on a common platform.

Build Better Solutions

Products & Services

Deliver better products & services by enabling and accelerating complete agile, formal and hybrid planning coverage from work inception through planning, development and build for both business and systems applications.

Utilize proven methodologies that include skill alignments, risk mitigations, and necessary documentation to avoid reinventing the wheel through predictable and consistent approaches.


Project Management with DirectPointe®

DirectPointe® can help you achieve your business IT objectives. By effectively planning, organizing, securing and managing resources we can bring about the timely completion of your IT projects.

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Advantages are created when firms engage in specific activities that increase their probabilities for success. The DirectPointe® Advantage™ is a strategic approach that combines lower IT expenses with an increased focus on profit centric activities.