Strategic Planning

The “what” of your business; benefiting from innovation and directing business towards sustainable growth.

    • Business Strategy
    • Market & customer management
    • Technology strategy

Innovation & Growth

Operations and Finance

The “how” of your business; product and service excellence, efficiency in production, the management of financial performance and risk.

    • Operations & supply chain strategy
    • Supply chain & logistics management
    • Product & service lifecycle management
    • Risk & compliance management

The “who” of your business; bringing the organization and operations to life. Talent and leadership are key differentiators in a volatile world.

    • Business Leadership
    • Organizational change management
    • Talent & Workforce Management

Organization & People

Strategic Planning with DirectPointe®

Businesses today must rethink the way they approach customer needs if they are going to stay competitive. The changing terrain of consumer expectations is moving at a dizzying pace. The firms that listen and respond have the opportunity to gain an increasing portion of the market. However, this can only be accomplished with the aid of culture changing technologies and sound business principles.

At DirectPointe® we are willing to ask the hard questions. Where is the market headed and how can your company best stay in front of new shifts? How can you reach new markets, optimize supply chains, and speedily integrate new technologies without productivity loss? How can you create stability in turbulent times? When does it make sense to eliminate old systems and processes?

By understanding the answers to difficult questions, we can help your company achieve end-to-end technology solutions, form executable strategies, and gain efficiency in cross-functional collaboration. Better information when applied properly means better results. By taking a strategic approach, DirectPointe® Solutions can help you to realize your business optimization objectives at an accelerated rate. This benefit comes at a lower cost and with less risk. In our experience, what prevents firms from properly leveraging business analytics is not a lack of data or tools. The challenge is in understanding how to build a technologically based solution that will give you relevant data that is simple and usable.

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Advantages are created when firms engage in specific activities that increase their probabilities for success. The DirectPointe® Advantage™ is a strategic approach that combines lower IT expenses with an increased focus on profit centric activities.