Security Audit & Control (SAC)

The average company's computer infrastructure is attacked nearly 60,000 times every day.

Security is fundamental to your business processes, development and daily operations. As an intrinsic component, it should be factored into the initial design of any IT or critical infrastructure solution. When you build security into the overall design of a system, whether it is an employee onboarding process or a cloud delivery model, it allows you to create an agile environment that will accommodate changes within the security landscape.

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Key components for developing a secure design:

By taking a preemptive approach DirectPointe® Security Solutions can allow you to safely, securely, and confidently adopt new forms of technology. Cloud computing, virtualization, smart grids, business models like tele-working and outsourcing, can be more safely leveraged for cost benefit, innovation and shorter time to market.

  • Understanding the design point for security
  • Knowledge of the threats in the solution's operating environment
  • Utilization of enabling technologies that provide or enforce secure behaviors
  • Ongoing validation of the secure design

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