What Technology Does Your Small Business Really Need?

When you’re just starting out it feels like you need a million things. Which depending on what you sell and your inventory amount you need, maybe you really do need a million things. But when it comes to your technology there are just a few things you’ll need to get started. A reliable network, a regulated backup system, a VPN, a mobile-optimized website, and the promise of no surprise bills. Everyone needs an IT guy on their side when starting out and to keep them going. Find someone that can do it all.   


A network is more than a cellular phone connection. It is a secure place to connect all your endpoints (or devices) that will keep information out of the wrong hands. Networks matter, but one that matters a step above the rest is a reliable network for your devices to run on. In today’s fast-paced mobile world, network reliability is everything. Being able to work on the go while staying secure will help you get and stay ahead of your competition. 

Data Storage and Backup

Take the worry out of hitting the delete button by knowing your data is backed up and can be accessed if needed. Data will always need to be backed up and secured or you run the risk of losing files that hold private and confidential information. There is an ever-growing risk of ransomware and malware, with the right data back up system those risks are mitigated because your files can be restored from the backup system. 

Data back doesn’t have to be done on the cloud and for some people, the cloud is not the best place for data to be backed up. A managed IT service company can help determine what would be best for your business and assist you in finding the right solution.


Business is not done in an office cubicle like it used to be. A VPN keeps your network secure and information encrypted no matter where you go. It is a Virtual Protected Network that adds layers of security to your devices. Having your IP address masked by VPN throws off hackers and helps keep your information even more secure.  

A Mobile-Optimized Website

The majority of internet searches and traffic happens on mobile devices. If your website isn’t optimized for the mobile view it can cost you several clients or sales. Mobile websites need to look good and function well. Those are the two key elements that speak to a business’s credibility. Mobile-first desktop second is the new order of how to design your website. Whether you outsource your web design to a third party or do it yourself through a web builder you will always want to check the design on your phone first. 

No Surprise Tech Support Bills

To a small business, especially one just starting, not having any surprise costs is a big relief. Technology is fickle and if a computer crash happens, a set back like that can take you a while to recover from. With DirectPointe 7, Inc. you pay a monthly rate and that’s it. Even if you have an unthinkable tech emergency. That is The DirectPointe Advantage™.

Other Technology to Consider:

Another thing to consider is CRM and HR management software. These types of software boost organization and performance from employees. Software optimization is beneficial for companies of every size and every level. Your IT managed service provider will be able to supply suggestions or even manage some of these software programs for you. 

The DirectPointe Advantage™

At DirectPointe 7 all the services mentioned are provided, with an emphasis on no surprise bills. Have peace of mind knowing that if the unthinkable technology disaster happens, it doesn’t have to blow your budget too.

What technology do you use in your business? What technology questions do you have for your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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