Are You Leveraging Technology? See What You Need for Your Workplace

Every workplace uses technology in some way shape or form. There is always something new coming around the corner that is designed to make work easier. Such as the development of CRMs and online office platforms. Learning to leverage technology will make your life easier and your business better.    

“The need for businesses to leverage technology is critical and the complexity to do it right is increasing. DirectPointe was started to make technology simple, manageable and affordable for mid-size businesses. Because DirectPointe has made technology its core competency, DirectPointe customers can better focus on their core business whatever that may be.”

The need to leverage and improve the technology inside your small or medium size business is not limited to just the traditional large billion dollar corporations. While every industry can benefit from technology advancements like Healthcare, Banking, Legal Firms, Account Firms, Real Estate, Construction, State/Local government and Education (SLED) all need to take advantage of technology to survive.       


HIPAA confidentiality, electronic patient records, patient’s in and out of your clinic. DirectPointe has years of experience with all sizes of health care institutions, from hospitals to small private practices. Look for a company that has experience with HIPAA and confidentiality, one that will be able to automate data backup and keep it updated frequently. 

The right IT Managed Service provider will be able to keep your ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) safe. With so much personal information stored at medical centers,  IT is a must. With the right IT also comes convenience. You’ll be able to store information on-site in a hard drive, off-site in servers, or even in the cloud. Or in at least 2 of those locations for the backing up of files. Healthcare has many IT needs no matter the size of the clinic, practice, or hospital.    


SSN, account numbers, account balances, credit scores, piles of information that affects every aspect of a person’s life. Banking is one of the fastest-growing places for technology. With banking apps, mobile wallets, and personal money transfer apps making personal information more vulnerable than ever before. 

Banking technology needs the most advanced and airtight security to keep personal information safe. Laps in hardware or software updates are not an option when people depend on your app to transfer and manage their money. Managed IT services is the digital vault that holds personal and important information from the hacking bank robbers.  

Law Firms

Confidential and personal information that you are required to keep private, long hours, and stacks of papers and files. Having digital records that are backed up and properly secured and the ability to customize and schedule tasks will all create a better work environment. These are the ways legal offices can leverage technology to create better workflow. Being able to search with confidence and find legal precedent cases faster is a great way to cut costs and stress.

With the hour’s lawyers work having a network outage or loss of data is not an option. IT managed services with 24/7 tech support keeps the same hours you do. Whenever there is an issue you can have peace of mind that someone is there to help at all hours.

Accounting Firms

Technology lies at the heart of today’s accounting firm. It’s vital to support tax preparation, accounting and auditing activities. The problem is that there are countless products and services on the market to help your firm improve workflow and productivity. But how do you choose the right technology for your firm and what technology company can help you in this process. At times it may feel like a daunting task.

Most technology professionals will tell you that one size doesn’t fit all so how do you  use technology to manage your clients while providing excellent service? Well it’s is based on a number of factors including:

  • the size of your accounting firm
  • the size of your clients and their expectations
  • the current technical and configuration setup of your clients
  • What your clients’ industry, sector and niche requirements are
  • your accounting firm’s areas of expertise, skill and brand awareness
  • and lastly the tax and reporting obligations of your clients have.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics advancements are able to automate complex and repetitive tasks and processes, with extreme accuracy, reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency. Accountants are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to access data and mobile connectivity can bridges accountants and their clients together if implemented correctly. And lastly, social media has become an essential tool for accounting firms wanting to engage with their current and potential clients while expanding their brand reach.

In short, accounting firms will need to embrace the rapid advances in accounting technology if they want to remain relevant in their industry. Therefore, accounting firms will need to utilize IT Managed Services to staying up-to-date with technological trends, optimizing and adapting current accounting software advancements to meet the needs of their firm and clients.

Real Estate

Property listings, clients, client financial information, all the things that need to be tracked and kept secure. Dealing with that much personal information is overwhelming. Having IT managed services takes a lot of the stress away. You know that your clients most personal information is secure and backed up to a secure location so if you ever have a system crash it won’t take long to get you back up and running. 

In real estate your face and name are everything. A website is a great way to be recognized and an easy way to direct search traffic to you. Having a beautifully designed and expertly built website will help you stand out and a step above the rest. 

Real estate is important to the growth and economy of a city. Which is why cities and real estate agents need to work together. ICMA found that leveraging the use of public portals made real estate agents jobs easier because it made the finding and using of information faster without having to jump through city hoops.


Project bids, contracts, material orders, permits all of these things are a lot to keep track of.  Having the right technology will make that easier. With the right CRM to track jobs and paperwork, you will save time and money through leveraging your technology. Because of the tracking and predictive feature of technology, there is less waste in time and resources.

Technology is being used for construction sites, but also construction materials. Material designers are able to use science and technology to design stronger products with less or cheaper materials. Every level of construction will benefit from technology solutions. Worksites, labor, materials, project bid optimization and more can all be improved with IT managed services.       


An interesting new development is that Cities have become a popular target for ransomware attacks. City budgets can’t afford the downtime, potential loss of information, and all the other financial losses that comes with ransomware. Having 24/7 tech support, data backup, and top of the line antivirus software are your best defenses against ransomware.   

As discussed earlier in leveraging real estate there are many things the IMCA found to help leverage technology for cities and local governments. Things such as having a city app so residence can be made aware of local activities. Making forms and applications more accessible online so that not so many people have to work around their busy work schedules to come into the city office buildings to take are of business.

IT Managed Services with DirectPointe:

The thing everyone knows about IT is when something goes wrong there are extra fees or overtime cost to fix the issue. Not true with the DirectPointe Solution. We’re in the business of providing a predictable monthly payment with a fixed price for our services. 

We’re in the business of driving out the technology problems so you don’t have to deal with outages and service interruptions. DirectPointe offers a flat price for IT Managed Services for hardware, software and services that is predictable. Whether you have 2 or 1,000 employees DirectPointe has the skills and the know-how to set up a leveraged technology to meet your requirements.

Our solutions can be done through DirectPointe IT Managed Services contracts. Don’t let your business fall flat learn how IT Managed Services can grow your business and increase your success while lowering your IT Costs by as much as 35%. No matter your industry technology requirements are the DirectPointe IT Managed Services is right for every business. 

What questions do you have about IT Managed Services? Ask us in the comments below. For tips and to see what new technology is being developed for your workplace follow us Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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